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Sync Them All With Storm

Synchronize without limits. You have space on your computer.

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No more warnings your space is almost full. Storm synchronizes all your computers no matter where they are in the world. Learn more

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What is Storm

Storm synchronizes files in your Storm folder across all of your computers. Think of it as your own personal cloud. Anything you save on one computer is automatically sent to all your other computers. Storm allows for limitless synchronization of files between active computers.

Storm doesn't store anything in the cloud. Storm helps your computers find each other no matter where they are in the world as long as they have access to the internet. Once they have found each other they automatically exchange keys and establish end-to-end encryption.

There are many more features coming in 2017. Including but not limited to direct access to your files on your computer through the web. Storm is still under construction. In order to help with testing and scaling, anyone can sign up for a free account and enjoy free file synchronization with up to two computers.

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